Al faisal Mall, Lalarukh Wah Cantt.

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Al Faisal Mall Wah Cantt has some great indoor shopping areas and shopping districts. There are also plenty of neighborhood malls built in the 1970s to 90s that look just like malls in the rest of the country. The indoor shopping malls listed here are only those worthy of being considered a “destination mall,” either by virtue of their location or what they have to offer serious mall shoppers.

Al-faisal Mall Wah Cantt is famous as the place ‘where you love to shop’. Alfaisal Mall is the ultimate destination for serious shoppers.

Product Range

Our wide array of mid-market popular fashion products, an extensive selection of men and women cloths, dedicated Jewellery, Boutique, Consmetics, Bridal, Laces, Carpets, Garments and Breezy Section.

Our address

Al-faisal Mall, Lalarukh Wah Cantt, Rawalpindi.
33.78503278977347, 72.72854804992676

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