Founder Principal of FG College For Women: Mrs. Anisa Zaidi , a great mind and a great soul envisaged academic development for the womenfolk of Wah Cantt.

The founder Principal of FG Post Graduate College For Women.

F.G. Postgraduate College for women wah Cantt, has a modest beginning as an educational institution in 1954 when it appeared on the scene as a Primary School. The cantonment Board with the help of P.O.F Converted four “C” type bungalows into a small school. Within a short time through sheer hard work. Mrs. Zaidi made the higher authorties relize the importance of female education. Soon a high school was constructed to cope with the ever increasing population, in 1956 it was given the status of an intermediate College.

The high quality results and continous efforts of Mrs. Zaidi converted this College to the Degree level in 1967. In january 1975 it came under the Federal Government, in 1988, M.A English classes commenced and in 2004, M.A /M.Sc in Economics, Mathematics and Psychology was introduced.

Thus the dreams of Mrs. Anis Zaidi came true and F.G College for women became a pride of Wah Cantt.